At Covetrus We Are Committed to Protecting Your Information

Introduction To The California Consumer Privacy Act

At Covetrus, we’re committed to protecting the privacy and security of your information. In compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, we enable you, as a California resident to exercise your ‘Right to Know’, ‘Right to be Forgotten’, and ‘Right to Restrict the Sale of Your Personal Information’.


Right to Know: Where Covetrus receives a validated request, it will provide information to you about the use of your Personal Information in the last 12 months including the following:

Right to be Forgotten: Where Covetrus receives a validated request, and Covetrus is not otherwise legally obligated to retain such Personal Information, Covetrus will delete your Personal Information.

Please note Covetrus is unable to delete data it is legally required to retain, including prescription drug orders, records maintained for individual veterinarians pursuant to their legal obligation to maintain legal records and any other records required to be maintained by any state or federal regulatory agency, including: DEA, EPA, FDA, IRS, USDA, State Board of Pharmacy, and State Taxation Authorities or any other authority.

Right to Restrict the Sale of Your Personal Information: Where Covetrus receives a validated request, it will opt you out of the sale of your personal information to third parties. COVETRUS DOES NOT SELL CONSUMER DATA. THIS REQUEST APPLIES TO SMARTPAK EQUINE, LLC REQUESTS ONLY.

I would like to enable the following right(s) as a California resident:
California Resident Verification
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